VOC Theme 03

Legislature governing vocational education

Core content: Teacher’s responsibilities and rights

Take a look at tasks https://edulaboulu.wordpress.com/voc-1-10/theme-3/

Virtual session groups (please update when needed)

We will meet on Thursday 24th of September. The session begins in AC room https://connect.funet.fi/edulaboulu/ . Please login at 12:30 to check the connection. This is also a good opportunity to ask any questions concerning your studies or different tasks. We’ll start with the themes at 13.

Timetable and pre tasks:

12.30 – 13.00 Current issues / tutoring

13-13.25 Topic 1

Group Alpha: How are the principles of good administration seen/felt in the everyday work of a teacher? (What are the principles of good administration?)

Pre-task: Please answer questions on a Facebook discussion. 
What do you see as principles of good administration (in vocational education also)? Do you have any examples of bad administration? Feel free to comment on each others posts and create discussion.

13.25-13.50 Topic 2

Group Labrats: How do I ensure the safety of the educational work environment?

Pre-task: Please watch this presentation on safety at educational work environment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkGLRkltRik During the session we will be working on Padlet. There will also be an after-task after the session.

13.50-14.05 Break

14.05-14.30 Topic 3

Group EduStars: How do I take into account privacy and data security in education?

Prezi contains pre-task. Please use http://padlet.com/cchidom/edustarprivacy
to make a list of what you know as privacy matters.
Grapes & Alpha: in the education system
Labrats: on the staff and students in education

14.30-14.55 Topic 4

Group EduGrapes: How to work with copyrights in the Finnish education?

Pre-task: For this task, you should read through thisThinkglink-material, and in addition, we have assigned two sub-areas for each of the group. For that sub-area, group members have to think about good and bad examples of using such copyrighted lecture material. After thinking about good and bad examples, please bring your links to the class.

Group Labrats:

Pictures (Maria, Sher) Presentations and lecture material (Mari, Emmanuel)

Group Alpha:

Citing technique (Iikka, Anne) Movies and video material (Abdiweli, Riikka)

Group Edustars:

Printouts and digital rights (Charles, Paula)

Recordings (Elina, Yasir)

14:55-16 Everyone together in the same room. We’ll have a shared discussion over legislation of education.

Please remember, that after each VOC (vocational pedagogy) theme you should write a reflective post about the topics of the day.

How to prepare?

Find the instructions if missing https://edulaboulu.wordpress.com/voc-1-10/

Also, make sure that the materials are uploaded in groups’ own AC room beforehand and check that all connections are working properly.

If you have any further questions, please share a question in our FB-group.


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