VOC Theme 07

Collaborative work in teaching and learning

Core content: Howe can I, as a vocational teacher, promote communality?

Virtual session groups  (please update when needed)

We will meet on Tuesday 6th of October. The Tutors will discuss your portfolios starting at 9 o’clock – you are most welcome to participate when available. The VOC 7 session begins at 12:30 in AC room https://connect.funet.fi/edulaboulu/ . We’ll start with the themes at 13.

Timetable and pre tasks:

12.30-13.00 Current issues / tutoring

13-13.25 Topic 1 What are group (or team) dynamics?

As a pre-task please install Kahoot -application on your mobile phone / tablet you are going to use as an additional device during the VOC 7 session, you can find it from Apps-store or Play-store. This is highly recommended, as it will be easier if you use an app!

If you are not able to use Android/Apple device, you can log in via kahoot.it -website with you computer. Then you need to make sure you can see two windows at the same time on your PC. Kahoot questions will ONLY be shown only in AC room shared screen and you will be using your own device for answering them.

Please do this in good time advance. In case you are facing any problems you need to ask them from Iikka or post in FB beforehand. We are not able to answer them or give you technical support during the session. If you have a problem during the session, you will miss the game and all the fun.

Like or comment the related post on Facebook when you have installed the application.

13.25-13.50 Topic 2 As a teacher, how to guide and organize a team (or study group)? How to make a team work properly?

Please study these two articles:



After reading the articles please comment on a Facebook post (by Maria 30/9/2015) two main points on the topic of how to guide and organise a student team and how to make it work properly. The points cannot be the same, so if someone else has already posted your point, you have to come up with something else. The deadline for comments is Monday 5 Oct at 4 pm (Finnish time). If you have any questions please ask in the group!

13.50-14.05 Break

14.05-14.30 Topic 3 What collaborative methods or practises can be used in teaching?

Here’s our groups’ pre-task for VOC 7. For this pre-task, you should get yourself familiar with collaborative teaching methods by attached pre-material, and pick one of the methods for your liking. Your favorite method can be something you have experienced before, or you would like to apply into your teaching in future, and submit it by using a poll, which can be found here: http://bit.ly/1OECQdm

Please answer the poll on Monday 5th of October at 2 pm at latest.

14.30-14.55 Topic 4

EduStars Pre-Task: Please read through the paper on “Creating a Collaborative Organisational Culture” and think about creating a collaborative organisational culture from the perspective of topic 4: How one can promote collaboration and sense of community in work organizations (schools). Please write down, for yourself, 3 things you see as important and useful from a vocational pedagogy institution perspective. No need to share your thoughts yet.

How to prepare?

Find the instructions if missing https://edulaboulu.wordpress.com/voc-1-10/

Also, make sure that the materials are uploaded in groups’ own AC room beforehand and check that all connections are working properly.

If you have any further questions, please share a question in our FB-group.

Keep it simple!!! 🙂


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