VOC Theme 08

Curricula and creating lessons
Core content: How will I use and develop the curriculum as a vocational teacher?

Watch pedagogy of Walking Through! (If you haven’t done it already.)

Virtual session groups

How nice that the pace is good in all groups! We’ll meet tomorrow on Tuesday 27th of October. The VOC 8 session begins at 12:30 in AC room https://connect.funet.fi/edulaboulu/ . We’ll start with the themes at 13.

Timetable and pre tasks:

12.30-13.00 Current issues / tutoring

13-13.25 Topic 1 What is competence-based curriculum?

Prestudy material

We will use socrative.com for our session on Tuesday. The group found it easiest to use on mobile device. If you don`t have a mobile device to use you can just open another page on your browser and get it smaller so that you are able to see the AC room page and the browser page at the same time. When you are using mobile device (or browser for that matter), open socrative.com and choose “student login”.

The codes for each room are:
Labrats: GS8YXTNR6
Edustars: XG4Yw4tyM
Alpha: UguMRZvJg

Grapes: 8E5G6UJEF

13.25-13.50 Topic 2 What does ECVET mean? How does it affect vocational education?

Grapes’ Pretask:

  1. Watch the video to get to know ECVET
    FinECVET Story – ECVET Step by Step
    2. During the class we will have a role play with a following situation: Anna is a hairdresser student who wants to do part of her studies in Oulu. The idea is to find out what ECVET can mean from her perspective.

As a pretask, please prepare for the roleplay:

Rats member: You play Anna’s role before the mobility. Tell us about your preparation for the mobility. How do you prepare for the mobility ? What do you have to do and who can help you ?
Find more information here: http://www.ecvet-toolkit.eu/site/ecvettoolkit/beforemobility

Alpha member: You play Anna’s role during the mobility. Tell us about your studies in Paris. What is important to take into account during the mobility ?
Find more information here: http://www.ecvet-toolkit.eu/site/ecvettoolkit/duringmobility

Stars member: You play Anna’s role after the mobility. Tell us about the recognition of you studies back in Finland. What can go wrong after the mobility ?
Find more information here: http://www.ecvet-toolkit.eu/site/ecvettoolkit/aftermobility

13.50-14.05 Break

14.05-14.30 Topic 3 How to design and carry out teaching?
As a pre-task for the EduStars’ online session, please:
– Get acquainted with the material in the Padlet http://padlet.com/k4hani00/designing_and_carrying_out_teaching
– Think of how would you design a course / syllabus based on a curriculum
– Prepare to share/debate your thoughts on (What to take into consideration when designing a functional syllabus? How should teaching be carried out through a syllabus?)

from the following perspective:
EduGrapes: A teacher’s perspective
Labrats: A student’s perspective
Alphas: An administrative perspective

14.30-14.55 Topic 4 How do you find the core content of the curriculum?
How can teacher personalize the teaching content to different students?

Try to find out the content of the curriculum assigned to you and answer through this link. http://goo.gl/forms/6JpBY8VFlv

Rats: Horse care curriculum
Grapes: Sports assistant curriculum
Stars: Mining curriculum

You are free to complete this task as a group or individually.

There is also a Prezi published before the session on Facebook, please have a look on that one in advance.

Team Alpha had thought ahead about VOC 8 session being so close to hallowee. Group would like you all to prepare some “costume” to wear. Please prepare something to wear (mainly on your face/hair/top part), even a small thing. Use your imagination, scissors, marker, your wardrobe etc. Dont panic or stress about this.

PLEASE NOTE! For the topic 4  VOC session, we shall all gather into the main AC room. Team Alpha’s presentation is held there, not in the small group rooms.

How to prepare?

Find the instructions if missing https://edulaboulu.wordpress.com/voc-1-10/

Also, make sure that the materials are uploaded in groups’ own AC room beforehand and check that all connections are working properly.

If you have any further questions, please share a question in our FB-group.

Keep it simple!!!


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