VOC Theme 09 – Last in line! After this – something totally different




Up to the last session in this style?

Assessing learning and competence
Core content: How can I, as a vocational teacher, assess learning and competence?

Virtual session groups – Please update when needed!

We will meet on Tuesday 10th of November. The session begins in AC room https://connect.funet.fi/edulaboulu/ . Please login at 12:30 to check the connection. This is also a good opportunity to ask any questions concerning your studies or different tasks. We’ll start with the themes at 13.

Timetable and pre tasks:

12.30-13 Current issues / tutoring

13-13.25 Topic 1

Pre-material for the part VOC 9, Topic 1 by EduGrapes: “Principles of assessment and evaluation“ the padlet.

Please be aware that there is a quiz and a video in this padlet that we advise you to have a look, as in our coming session, we plan a kahoot-test for the material.

Please install Kahoot on your mobile device so that we can use it during the upcoming session. (https://getkahoot.com/support/faq/…) 
We are looking forward to meeting you in our upcoming VOC9, Topic 1 in the mainroom.

In case you already deleted Kahoot, please have on a look on FB group posting for instructions.

13.25-13.50 Topic 2
How does assessment promote the learning process? How do different assessment methods work?


Please, watch the video on Formative and Summative Assessment

and then take the quiz:
During our online session, we will “play” with different assessment methods by picking methods from the list and placing them on a scale from formative to summative according to our comprehension.

13.50-14.05 break

14.05-14.30 Topic 3 Self assessment and peer assessment

14.30-14.55 Topic 4
Feedback or assesment – what’s the difference?

  1. Please study the material on this Prezi
  2. Please prepare for the peer-review we will be having during the session by following these instructions. The instructions can also be found at the end of Prezi.

It is once again important that you prepare beforehand!

Please ask if you have any questions on the topic or the assignment.

How to prepare?

Find the instructions if missing https://edulaboulu.wordpress.com/voc-1-10/

Please make sure that the materials are uploaded in groups’ own AC room beforehand and check that all connections are working properly.

See you on Tuesday! Keep it simple!!!


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