Sanna Brauer

I am a teacher trainer, researcher and theatre professional from Finland. I’ve been working as a teacher over 15 years in vocational training and higher education. For the last five years I have been teaching teachers in Oulu. I’ve also worked as a manager in different development projects concerning educational use of ICT.

Sanna Brauer

Sanna Brauer

On LinkedIn you will find more information about me, my work and my studies. There will also be plenty of interesting comments on different events and experiences on my journey to the social media, presentations and publications. You are most welcome to have a closer look! Join my network


3 thoughts on “Sanna Brauer

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  3. Hi . I’m a registered nurse (BN/JAMK) with 12+ years work experience and am interested in taking the Edulab teaching qualification. I have applied this January but would like to get to know more concretely about the syllabus, studies and employment opportunities. Thank you for your time.


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