Part 2

Collaborative Activity with Scottish Teacher Education Student Colleagues (Pair Activity)

  • You and a Scottish counterpart will co-create a lesson plan for use in a Scottish classroom space and context. 
  • All of the information for this activity is placed in another blog (because the Scottish participants need to see it too).
  • The first session will begin during the September 30 Adobe Connect session (you will learn who your partner is at this session as well).

Visit the blog at:


The entire activity should be completed by October 29, 2015 by sending an electronic copy of the lesson plan to Blair at You will also need to discuss your collaboration during the November 3, 2015 Adobe Connect session.

How you will be assessed

Assessment for this activity will be made on your individual work on a scale (1 to 5) using the following criteria:

  1. Task completed on time;
  2. Lesson plan effectively and realistically reflects a Global Education theme
  3. Self-reflexivity: ability to connect academic learning with personal learning.

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