Part 4

Assessment of Teacher Practice Videos (Pair Activity)

Here are the steps:

  1. In pairs, you will need to choose two videos to watch from the site (It can be any two).
  2. Individually, view the videos.
  3. Individually compare the two videos, and answer the following questions:
    • What did you like about the practice? why?
    • What did you not like about the practice? why?
    • What theory(ies) of learning did the practice reflect? How was this demonstrated?
  4. Find a time to reflect on what you see together with your pair (you can reflect together virtually on your own time) and discuss your opinions about the above questions (see the table below for your pairings). Find our what you agree on and what you disagree on and include these in an individual reflection.
  5. Write an individual blog post and add it as a link to the discussion box below making sure that you individually write about the three aspects above.


Emmanuel Charles
Sher Patty
Elina Matti
Eeva Paula
Yasir Abdiweli


Your reflection should be posted in the discussion box below on this page by November 23, 2015.

How you will be assessed

Assessment for this activity will be made on your individual images on a scale (1 to 5) using the following criteria:

  1. Task completed on time and placement of blog post;
  2. Reflection covers the assigned questions; and
  3. Professional reflection: ability to connect academic learning with professional context(s) during the discussion of the image.

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