Portfolio 5 ects

You will work on your portfolio throughout your studies in EduLabOulu.
All your group work, individual work, your development and your study process should be documented in your

Your blog and other services you choose to use as part of your PLE will be your

The final task you will have to do in your studies is to give a

Instruction for process portfolio
Documenting VOC process in portfolio / blog

Portfolio stop 1

1. Write short description about your view of learning (1-2 pages).
Themes are familiar from VOC session, for example:
• What is learning according to your understanding?
• How does one learn?
• How should your vocational field be taught?
• How does one learn most efficiently in your vocational field?
• Why learning happens or doesn’t happen?

Use your experiences and describe actual activities, learning environments, intended learning outcomes…

Add your own topic for the post, and add tags “portfolio” “view of learning”

2. Feedback
-You will be assigned another student whose blog you will browse through and especially read his/her view of learning. Comment and give constructive feedback on his her blog / process portfolio.
-Tutors will comment all process portfolios.

Portfolio presentation at the end of your studies

Instruction for portfolio presentation


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