Peer review of portfolios

We’re about half way through with VOC and it’s time to check out how you guys are doing with your portfolios / blogs. Naturally, it’s an ongoing process: people may be updating some posts, you may have decided to publish some now and add pics/links/videos later, and so on. Still, it’s important to see that you all are on board, keep up with the time and get feedback.

Is this peer review assessment, evaluation or feedback? These terms are close to each other. Which one are we doing now? We will return to these issues in our VOC sessions but I would certainly call this peer review constructive feedback.

Competence-based education

Remember, we are aiming at competence-based education.
Your blog should be document your learning process of developing your competence as a vocational teacher. So as a reviewer, your challenge is to recognize the writer’s competence – or at least the developement towards the goal.

Does he/she understand the VOC themes so far? If not, what seems to be unclear?
Can writer make connections between the topic and vocational education / teaching vocational students / learning in a working life context? What kind of real life examples are there in the posts? What is writer’s personal experience regarding the matters at hand?

Can reviewer recognize writer’s learning (process)? A change of attitude? Ideas how to implement the ideas into teaching and learning? What reveals the learning?

I think these are questions that I hope every students could give answers in their posts. It’s not a matter of looking every post through a magnifying class but every time you see something interesting or really good – let writer know that. If you as a reviewer can ask a question that challenges the writer to elaborate more – ask it!

Interactivity and online writing

Is writer reflecting the process of working with own study group and co-operative teaching? Are there references to other people’s blogs for example? Is writer trying to build connections with the learning community? Is there activity in the comments? Is writer replying the comments?

Since we are working on an online platform, some effort should be put on the visuals and technical issues. Are the links working? Is the blog visually interesting and supporting the content? Are the material links easily found? If writer is telling about particular prezi presentation, that prezi should be linked.

We can also make note on possible copyright issues or netiquette if needed.

Sources and siting

Like in the previous point about linking to the content, you should also check if particular info and claims are backed with literature / learning material. If writer name drops particular figures or theories, they should be sited correctly.

Not every post needs to be argued with academic references but some should be used to show that the writer has familiarized his/herself with the background info. Hopefully everyone has a little bit more interest in the VOC issues that they read more than just a couple power point slides.

As a reviewer, you even recommend good reading material or challenge to comment something that was not discussed.

As a reviewer, you give constructive criticism and help the writer’s learning process. This should be done in good spirits and in a helpful manner and honestly.

If you can say your feedback publicly, do so, just read the previous sentence.
If you need to ask something privately from the writer, do it.

And writer’s, please do reply and react to your feedback.