Second Impressions

Group work

Collaboration on it’s best – adding ideas on top of another

Learning feels great – that’s EduLab Spirit!

Don’t think about the tasks ahead as a load – think about the things that you’ve achieved to get this far!

Let’s kick ass!

Challenge not only your self but also your group! It’s not co-ordinator’s task to take care of grown ups like a mother. Everyone has the right to demand group to act as agreed.

Your learning paths will be only as good as your group decides it to be. Learning in a lab is group work and there isn’t an option available to toddle this trip alone.


Respect your peer students. Teachers. BE ON TIME!

Teaching Online – Technical Tips

5-17-3 stands for 5 minutes introduction, 17 minutes for different tasks and learning activities and 3 for closing.

Share tasks during an online session:If one of you is teaching can the other one (this case a person from another group) guide with voice settings, or search for the missing student online. Teaching as a pair is even more fun! This also helps you to keep up with schedule and lets everyone focus in teaching/ learning activities.

If you are not able to send video when it’s your turn to teach, start by telling who’s talking. It’s polite to clarify who’s in charge – on online session it’s not always obvious. It’s nice and personal if you’ll share an idea for the audience where you are at the moment if there is no picture. You can also mention if there will be some challenges with your connection, so that rest of the group is able to react if something happens. Today conversation went smoothly on with out the teacher in a room.

AC Layouts:

Upload your materials beforehand

Learn how to create different, personal layouts

Reconsider different layouts for different meetings: sometimes it may enhance discussion if you hide the chat, but then you’ll have to secure that everyone has access to the voice over. There is no other means to communicate in the group (not even with the host) if you’ll block the chat.

Make sure that you’ll select the best layout to facilitate learning: sometimes there’ll be several activities in use simultaneously.

Ensure that your slides or any other document is perfectly fitted in the window. Will there be mobile participants or are you planning to share a recording.


Remember to push record 🙂

A good recording shows more than empty share pod and a list of attendees.

Learn how to share your screen or a document.

Fit the document to the pod: practice different settings

If your presentation is on Google Drive you have two options:

  • Share your screen (active platforms like games and paddlets)
  • Download material from Drive on your desktop and upload it to AC

Adobe Connect Add-in helps you toggle between different AC-functions even when sharing your desktop.

Did I get everything? Please comment if something is missing!!!

Keep up the good work and spirit!