VOC Theme 06

Activating teaching methods

Core content : How can I, as a vocational teacher, activate my students?

Take a look at videos and topics https://edulaboulu.wordpress.com/voc-1-10/theme-6/

Virtual session groups


We will meet on Tuesday 8th of September. The session begins in AC room https://connect.funet.fi/edulaboulu/ . Please login at 12:30 to check the connection. This is also a good opportunity to ask any questions concerning your studies or different tasks. Blair will visit us at 12:45 to tell you what you should know about Lab-phase at this stage. We’ll start with the themes at 13.

Timetable and pre tasks:

12.30-12.45 Current issues / tutoring

12.45 – 13.00 EduLAB/ LAB phase, Blair

13-13.25 Topic 1

Activating a lecture and learning through discussion (LTD)

What benefits might there be compared to other teaching methods?

1) Please watch the video 

2) Also bring with you a riddle, a cartoon, a quote, case study, news item or little known new/old fact preferably from your own area of expertise. It should be something you can use as an ice-breaker or as a “transition to learning”, in front of a class that you would lecture for, in a classroom or online. Aftertask to be presented under the session.

13.25-13.50 Topic 2 What is self-regulated learning (SRL) as an educational principle?
You will find the assingnment from Prezi presentation.

13.50-14.05 Break

14.05-14.30 Topic 3 What is engaged pedagogy?
Here is the pretask from Labrats for VOC 6: During the session we will be having a panel discussion on engaged pedagogy. You will be given a role and you should form your arguments from that person’s point of view.

It is essential that you read the material and prepare beforehand!

You should use the information on pre-material and you’re encouraged to search more information on Internet. Your arguments should be well-grounded and realistic, but you can also use your creativity and imagination.

Please like or comment to related FB post by Mari when you have read & watched the material.

14.30-14.55 Topic 4 Alternative education – principles and methods
Before the class:

  1. Watch this 4 min PowToon video about Traditional and Alternative pedagogy. http://bit.ly/1UqQPY2
  2. Play the SpaceRace Game. The idea for the game is simple: Just destroy the scrolling words before they leave the screen by typing in their corresponding term and pressing enter. You write either word “trad” or “alt” to the box, depending on whether you think the scrolling method quality is traditional or alternative. Make sure the words don’t scroll past the screen. Before starting the game please make sure there on the bottom left corner of the screen is selected Show “Term”. Play the game as long as you enjoy. Once done, post your final game score to the EDULab FB page before the class. Link to game: http://bit.ly/1il8Xl2
  3. Grapes and rats members: please list strengths and weaknesses of traditional pedagogy.
  4. Alpha and stars list strengths and weaknesses of alternative pedagogy.

During the class we will discuss how these strengths and weaknesses can be taken into account in vocational teaching context.

14:55-16 Everyone together in the same room.

Please remember, that after each VOC (vocational pedagogy) theme you should write a reflective post about the topics of the day.

How to prepare?

Find the instructions if missing https://edulaboulu.wordpress.com/voc-1-10/

Also, make sure that the materials are uploaded in groups’ own AC room beforehand and check that all connections are working properly.

If you have any further questions, please share a question in our FB-group.

Keep it simple!!! 🙂