EduLAB module

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS), School of Vocational Teacher Education offers a vocational teacher education program in English in connection with the Oulu UAS EduLAB pre-incubator program.

EduLab module

  • The EduLab component of the vocational teacher education studies is an educational pedagogical module consisting of vocational pedagogical studies, basics of educational science and a team based product development phase incorporating teaching practice and other studies aiming to enhance the students’ educational competency. The studies take place in network environment. There are also intensive study periods in Oulu.
  • The vocational studies will be achieved by using network environments, video conferencing and social media. The EduLab vocational studies take place during the autumn semester by means of contact days and distance learning.
  • The EduLab module uses collaborative virtual sessions according to set schedule. Besides the on-line sessions, the study groups will meet separately according to mutually decided schedules.
  • The basics of educational science module can be completed on-line during the autumn semester.
  • The student is required to possess solid technological skills. The student must also be able to interact responsibly within various technological learning environments. Studying in EduLab calls for commitment to edupreneurship, and active contribution to the team’s work. Key words are entrepreneurship, team work, productization and competency based learning.
  • The studies are wholly in English. The students must possess good oral and written skills in English.
  • Next application period is on January 2016.




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