VOC 1-10


Intended Learning Outcomes

The program begins with vocational studies (VOC), which comprise of 20 credits (plus an added 5 credits  for the Digital Portfolio). The studies deal with the core competences of the vocational teacher and concentrate on topical educational themes and environments. The purpose of the VOC studies is to enable the student to competently use educational theories and practices in planning, executing and evaluating his/her own teaching and guiding. Interactive and guidance skills as well as various educational methods in education and guidance are also emphasized. Furthermore, the vocational studies contain five special themes which are internationality and multiculturalism, entrepreneurship education, working life proximity, sustainable development and special needs education.

The vocational studies comprise of classroom learning, working in on-line environments, preliminary tasks, learning tasks and “microteaching” assignments. Successful completion of the studies calls for active participation in the contact days, committed group work, peer evaluation and creation of learning and reflective tasks.

Short Definition of Vocational Pedagogy (by the Oulu School of VTE):

Vocational pedagogy is a process of vocational growth and learning.

Vocational growth means the combination of the theoretical and ethical skills in the student’s future trade; thus aiming at the student’s vocational competence.

Vocational pedagogy offers tools for guiding the vocational competences of the student. In order to be able to tutor and guide the student (to enhance the student’s vocational competences), the teacher should understand the vocational guiding processes and possess the necessary skills to create, use and enhance assessable situations  and functional learning environments which are sustainable and in accordance to the needs of working life.

Some online methods for teaching:

You have a requirement to try at least one different teaching activity every session. If you feel that lecturing is certainly the most suitable way to get your message acroos, make the lecture beforehand, record it, and share it at least 48 hours before the session. If you want participants to read a piece of news or answer questionnaire etc. please share the material and inform others at least 48 hours before the session. Your goal as a teacher is to motivate students to do learning activity.

The main online teaching method mustn’t be one person lecturing and others listening.

Are you stuck or out of ideas? You can always ask for a hint!

  • -On-line survey/query, followed by discussion
  • Interview
  • Debate
  • Prezi-based lesson
  • Screencast (one free web app here)
  • Google document – co-creating
  • Drama, role play
  • (Powerpoint) presentation (leading into activity or conclusion of the activity)
  • Lecture (trigger)
  • Video (seen before the actual session), followed by discussion

See more: Handbook for Teachers, Hyppönen. Lindén (pdf)

Preparing yourselves for the VOC virtual sessions

You will work in small groups formed during the first contact days.

1. With this small group/team you prepare yourselves for the online teaching session.
2. Study the content, share ideas, prepare material and plan the 25 minute online teaching session.
Each member of the team must be able to handle themselves with the prepared content and methods.
4. Coordinator will stay in group’s own room and make sure everything is ready for the session. Your coordinator will distribute individuals from his/her own team evenly into AC-rooms.
5. The coordinator records the session and shares the link for the group.
6. We conclude the day together in the same AC-room.

After the virtual session

1. Each student will reflect the study session in his/her own blog.
2. Compare your experiences from the previous session and prepare for the next session.


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