Micro lessons

Micro lessons are created with a pair or individually.
The format of the lesson is open, but you must provide it online and students must be able to participate it without participating live session.

The micro lesson you design is – well, micro size.
Don’t require too much time consuming work like reading a whole book for this task (a single article is probably fine) or writing an essay (you can ask sharing an opinion for example).

You must

1. Study the content
2. Prepare an online lesson, teaching activity (for example video lecture, questionnaire, pre-selected reading material with activating questions…). PLEASE NOTE: If your given topic includes a question – it’s not the teacher who answers the question but the students! Teacher puts together material and designs activities that activate students to answer the question!
3. Set the deadline participating your Micro Lesson
4. Publish your online lesson and inform the address on our Facebook group and in the document table. We will put the links on this page as well.
5. Track the progress of learning activity (and remind students who might not be participating in time)
6. Give feedback to the participants or report the results of the learning activity

Link to micro lessons.


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