Theme 03


Legislature governing vocational education
Core content: Teacher’s responsibilities and rights

I Individual task
Publish a blog post before 24.9.

Explore the following links and write your observations about where a teacher can find up-to-date reliable legal information. What areas are covered in the various acts and decrees?

Use these links to find the information:,,,,

Use the word-list in and if you find the legalese difficult. You CAN use the Finnish versions as well.

II Group task:
“Good Administration, Safety, Privacy Protection and Copyrights”
Publish material by 21.9. on FB. Groups will work in similar manner than earlier and co-ordinators should update virtual session groups in the timetable.

Tackle these topics with the Finnish vocational practices in mind (not foreign policies, elementary or secondary school or even upper secondary school…)

The materials for the four tasks are to be sent by 21.9.2015 evening to our Facebook page.

In the session you’ll have 25 minutes to teach your group’s findings by using activating methods.
Activate listeners with arguments and ethical questions.

Group Alpha

How are the principles of good administration seen/felt in the everyday work of a teacher? (What are the principles of good administration?)

Administrative Procedure Act 434/2003, Chapter 2 Fundamental principles of good administration, The Constitution of Finland 731/1999, Chapter 2 Basic rights and liberties. These can be found in here:

Group Labrats

How do I ensure the safety of the educational work environment? (Work place safety, mental health, bullying, physical dangers…)
laki ammatillisesta peruskoulutuksesta 630/1998, ammattikorkeakoululaki 932/2014, työturvallisuuslaki 738/2002, vahingonkorvauslaki 412/1974. These can be found in here:

Group EduStars

How do I take into account privacy and data security in education?

laki ammatillisesta peruskoulutuksesta 630/1998, ammattikorkeakoululaki 932/2014, laki viranomaisten toiminnan julkisuudesta 621/1999, henkilötietolaki 523/1999, Child Welfare Act 417/2007. These can be found in here:,

Group EduGrapes

How to work with copyrights in the Finnish education?

These can be found in here: Tekijänoikeuslaki 404/1961,,,

Basics of Copyright and Open Content for Educators

A 45 minute introduction to the general principles of copyright. A look into history, the current situation, and the future with remixing and open content. Creative Commons licenses are explained in more detail.


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