Theme 05


Virtual session groups

Versatility of teaching
Core content : How to make my teaching versatile?

Watch videos

The Trilogy of Learning

Dimensions of Teaching

Topic 1
How do we classify various teaching (or working) methods?
Give examples by using different mehods!

Check also this document: Huba & Reed 2000.

Topic 2
What teaching methods advance/improve the versatility of learning?
What is the pedagogical model / foundation behind a particular method?

You can reflect your experiences as a student in different educational context or in working life. If you have experience as an educator, use that as well.

-Pick a method from Hyppönen et al. (chapter 4; something you have never/seldom used yourself) and use it to present five other viable (efficient) teaching methods to improve the versatility of teaching (online and/or classroom).

How do these methods enhance the versatility of learning?

Topic 3
What are the core skills of teaching?

How do we teach the best so that our students will learn the best?

How do we create learning processes that ensure motivation and learning? Are the principles the same regardless of methods and learning objectives, are they are universal?


Think about skills such as:

  • Substance competency
  • Communication skills
  • People skills
  • Prioritizing skills
  • Skill in Motivating and activating students
  • Flexibility in teaching
  • Perseverance, maintaining future goals
  • Ability to make matters more concrete
  • “Variety is the spice of life”
  • Illustration, demonstration
  • And many, many more!

(Books, in Finnish: Uusikylä, K. & Atjonen , P. 2005. Didaktiikan perusteet. Vuorinen, I. 2005. Tuhat tapaa opettaa.)

Why are they important? Are they equally important (in every situation and to every student)? What do you prefer? Are the other necessary skills?

Topic 4
The latest trends in teaching methods

Learning by developing (LbD)? What are 21st century skills?  MOOCS?  Connectivism?

What are the goals of the latest trends in developing the teaching methods?
How much trust does it place in the student? Does it make the work of the teacher easier or more challenging?
How could you use the latest teaching “trends” in your teaching?


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