Theme 06


Activating teaching methods
Core content : How can I, as a vocational teacher, activate my students?

Topic 1
Activating a lecture and learning through discussion (LTD)

What benefits might there be compared to other teaching methods?

A short Swiss view:

Learning through discussion

Australian view:

Topic 2
What is self-regulated learning (SRL) as an educational principle?

When and where is SRL suitable?
What does it require from the student? (also watch the video!)

Topic 3
What is engaged pedagogy? (”Osallistava pedagogiikka” in Finnish)

Notice that some Universities have a different definition of this topic. (For example, the definition of the University of Tampere: ”Social background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and other differences associated with inequality in mechanisms of power structures.”

Topic 4
Alternative education – principles and methods
What is considered traditional and what is considered alternative pedagogy? How do these “alternative” approaches activate students or impact teaching methods?
Do the so called alternative approaches provide something valuable for vocational pedagogy?



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