Portfolio task published


I published Portfolio task for the 1st portfolio stop.

If you have any questions, we will also talk more about this on Tuesday.
We will also discuss briefly the dates and how the feedback should be given.


Virtual test sesion

Thursday June 18th was our first virtual session. As promised we presented the AC system and the opportunities to mess up (in a safe environment)! We also tried a few online learning activities that are linked later in this post.

Here are the links to the sessions:



And here are the learning tasks. Please check out each one and try to contribute at least one idea in all of them.

Concept of “vocational pedagogy”
Use THIS POPPLET to build a mind map about things linked to the vocational pedagogy.
You need to sign up and ask for an invitation (try our Facebook group)

Discussion about e-learning in general
Make sure you know what “SWOT” analysis is!
Use GOOGLE SLIDES to document the SWOT of e-learning.

Discussion about learning contract
Use GOOGLE DOCS to write a statement together. What are the things we can set up as rules for our group? What kind of commitment to the group can be expected? What kind of things should group / individual take care to help the learning process?

How do you yourselves, as adult learners learn the best?
What past learning experiences are useful to your individual learning process?
What studying advice could you give based on your own experiences?
Share ideas at a PADLET WALL

Self assessment, PSP and discussion with a tutor

VOC individual tasks

After each VOC (vocational pedagogy) theme write a reflective post about the topics of the day.
This way you should document your learning process throughout the studies.

The post should be reflective writing. (Not just a list of things that happened or same material that was already shared.)
It should highlight your understanding and experinces that are linked to the theme. You can refer to the virtual session and the study material that was used. Insert images, news, links and videos into your post – get to know what it means to write online. (Verkkokirjoittaminen)

You should take a look at the sources yourself and comment the material. Make sure you know how to correctly site and refer published material.

Your blog posts should document your learning process. They should show your competence and your understanding of the themes.

Micro lessons -page published, tasks to be announced in AC meeting

Micro lessons are crated in with a pair or indiviually.
The format of the lesson is open, but you must provide it online and students must be able to participate it without live action.

You must

1. Study the content
2. Prapare an online lesson, teaching activity (for example video lecture, questionnaire, pre-selected reading material with activating questions…)
3. Set the deadline
4. Publish your online lesson and inform the address on our Facebook group. We will put the links on this page as well.
5. Track the progress of learning activity (and remind students who might not be participating in time)
6. Give feedback or report of the learning activity