Theme 12

Entrepreneurship Education
Core content:
– What are the teaching and assessment methods that will enhance development of the student’s intrapreneurship?
– How to teach entrepreneurship and its goals in the best and most effective manner in vocational education?



The course plan: VOC 12 Entrepreneurship education
Anne Erkinheimo-Kyllönen, Outi Loikkanen, Emmy Ssj

1 Schedule 1.12.2015 – 10.1.2016

2 Description

This 1 credit course aims at giving understanding how the entrepreneurship education could be implemented in the student’s own vocational field. This online course combines independent information searching, video making and watching the videos made by others on the same course, new digital tools and reflective writing.  The assessment is competency based fail/pass.

3  The intended learning outcomes:

After this VOC 12, the students will

  • Recognize what the terms intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship mean and what kind of values are there behind them
  • Understand what kind of teaching and assessment methods are best suited for teaching intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship
  • Have an idea how to teach entrepreneurship in their own vocational field

4 The contact info

Please contact us on EduLab FB group by tagging our names on comment/question you may have
Anne Erkinheimo-Kyllönen, Outi Loikkanen, Emmy Ssj



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