Theme 04


Virtual session groups

Learning, guidance and recognizing different learners
Core content: How can I guide learning as a vocational teacher?

You will find plenty of basic info online with the search words given in the topic. You can naturally use sources written in any language but the teaching material has to be in English.

If even after searching material you are not sure if you found the “right” or “good” sources, contact tutors and post question in FB-group.


What is learning? What terms and concepts mean almost the same as learning and how do they differ?
What are different ways of defining learning and how it can happen?

Topic 2

What kind of learning theories are there?
What are the most common views of learning?

For example:
Learning theories written by Outi Pylkkä

Topic 3

What role do learning styles and strategies have in study guidance/tutoring/teaching?

Topic 4

Compare two pedagogical models (learning theories): What is progressive inquiry? How does it differ or how is it similar from another cyclical theory like Kolb’s Experiental Learning? What impact do these models have on teaching methods?


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