Micro Lessons Learned

Soon, it’s time to rest for a moment on vacation and to gather some energy for the spring. However a few words of micro lessons, since some of those are still to accomplish.

All your micro lessons can be found from this table. The table is now to view only. You can find all past and active lessons on the list.

If your micro lesson is marked as green, please take care of your learners on your own lesson and pay attention that you’ve personally carried out all the task assigned to you. Listing done lessons like Mari is one option keep track of everything. Those of you who have published tasks due today, will accomplish all the tasks marked green. And that’s it!

CPS Lesson #1  - "Red Delicious" Photo Referece//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


There are some people who have not published their micro lessons yet or don’t have even a set topic. If your topic indicates red or you are not able to locate your name on the list at all: please contact your peers on the same situation. It’s up to you to create a plan (as a group) how you’ll show the competence of micro lesson design and schedule it. Instructions to apply.

As soon as you’ve a shared understanding of how to proceed – please contact Sanna and Janne.

Happy Holidays!


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